Inflationary pressure

After a period of rather stable prices due to low inflation we are currently all confronted with a steep rise in the costs of materials.

That also applies to us.

Much to our regret we are thererfore obliged to increase our prices as well.

Especially the prices of consumables, such as FanFolded corrugated board and glues, have increased dramatically.

As per January 1st, 2022 we will have to increase the list prices of our machines as well.

So, if you are pondering buying a new or additional machine do not waste time and order now to still benefit from the actual prices.

SERVO drives

Our product line has now been expanded with SERVO controlled height/width adjustment. This amplifies the capabilities of our machines and allows for even more versatility. Of course remains the variable length as important feature next to the box-on-demand capability.

The first machines are running round the clock to the satisfaction of our launch customer HAWA (Switzerland).