ESBE Machinery, the acronym of the Stand-By group of companies, is based in the Netherlands.

As a privately held SME we are proud to be able to offer cutting edge technology and superb workmanship in every machine.

Our machines, equipped to convert endless cardboard or FanFold or sheets, can be found on all continents serving industries such as sun protection, blinds, paper, coated and/or industrial textiles and non-wovens, skis, traffic barriers, profiles, drawer slides, pictures, books or photo frames.

Our machines are developed to make your packaging:

Fit for purpose


The packaging should be customer friendly: easy to open, easy to discard, and if so desired fit for return shipment.

To avoid transportation damage and wastage packaging should fit the product without the need for filling materials irrespective length, width and height.

Furthermore the packaging material should have an outstanding environmetal performance.

On Demand

In most industries long runs are a thing of the past, production of single or limited units is not!

We make machines that one moment make a box with a length of 35 cm and the other moment one of 900 cm.

Different width/height? No problem.

For you this means:

No stock, no waste.

Packaging On Demand!