The art of packing

Everyone knows the problem: a rapidly growing range of products that makes your stock of cartons of different sizes increase over hand. A wide variety of cartons is difficult to control and as a result sometimes the size you need happens to be out of stock. A large stock not only takes up a lot of space, it is also very costly. In order to save space you use the same size of carton for different products, which means cartons leave your company containing products that do not properly fit in them. This may cause damage in transit and gives your cartons an unprofessional appearance.

Problems are there to be solved and the solution to the problem mentioned above is a machine invented by Stand-By Polytechniek.


Stand-By Polytechniek teaches you the Art of Packing

Manufactured in the Netherlands, this system is designed for companies that produce products that vary in length. From now on, an inventory of hundreds of different boxes of all shapes and lengths belongs to the past. It is a sophisticated machine that rapidly converts a length of corrugated, drawn from a fanfold bale, into cartons that fit all your products perfectly. For each product you can adjust (by hand or automatically) the length of the box. An adjustable cutting mechanism creates the closing lid and the bottom of the box, so that the box can be folded with or without glue.

An automatic folding table is available to wrap the board around the product to be packaged. This system is easily integrated into any company’s bar-coding system, and is available in three different sizes to meet the needs of most products.
Moreover, this sysem reduces labor costs by dramatically increasing the amount of packages produced per shift. Material costs are reduced because the cartons produced fit products accurately.